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Worst Boss Behaviours
Next week we will be looking at the behaviours seen in great leaders, before that it is pertinent to think about the behaviours you do not want to see in managers across any organisation. Think about this quote “if I am going down, you are going down with me”… is this the behaviour of a great boss? Someone who nurtures their staff and wants the best for them? We can all probably agree with a boss who says this is not someone we would like to work for. Think about the behaviours below and whether your colleagues would see any of them in you.


  • Micromanaging – the number one killer of creativity and innovation in the workplace. Do not suffocate your employees. If you have hired someone to do a job, let them do it.
  • Picking Favourites – hiring and or promoting the wrong people. Consider the impression this gives the other employees and how they will feel.
  • Taking the credit for employees’ work – bad bosses like to look good with self-promotion as their top priority.
  • Ignoring feedback – bad bosses do not admit their mistakes and learn from them. Worse than not asking for feedback is asking for it than doing nothing about it.
  • Not standing up for employees – as a leader you are their voice, use it.
  • Overworking employees – it is demoralizing working for a boss who overworks you and always demands too much, is reasonable.
  • Overlooking employees contributions – two of the most basic human desires are validation and appreciation. Do your employees feel valued?

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