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Lots of working women are also juggling children and families at home as well as domestic roles and responsibilities. Louisa Steensma, working mum has recently written a blog on how to be a ‘guilt-free’ working Mum. She has 7 top tips for making this work.

  • Agree key outcomes with your boss and deliver on them – focus on results, from wherever you are working.
  • Spend quality time with friends and family – as long as you give them your undivided attention when you are with them, you do not need to be with them all the time.
  • Role-model flexible working with others – life happens, ensure others know and appreciate this.
  • Involve kids in everyday life – even very young children can help with chores and tasks at home.
  • Embrace boredom – kids need to know that life is not always exciting and they do not need entertaining 24/7.
  • Have and use your support network.
  • Take time for yourself – embrace self-care.


Working and being a mum can be really difficult, but it can also be really rewarding for everyone. Take time this week to read and use some of these top tips.

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