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On July 5th Boris Johnson announced that life would soon be returning to something that looked a little more like normal. No more legal obligation to wear face masks and even the need to self-isolate will be lifted for those of us who are double jabbed.


This poses huge challenges for employers and employees alike as we have no doubt all got used to working from home and all this may entail.

Some people have found the work from home directive a chance to ease stress levels, find a better work-life balance, spend more time with family or friends having ditched the commute. Others have found themselves working longer hours, unable to switch off as the laptop is always open on the table, conversations turning to work whenever you stop as you are simply moving to another room or moving your computer. 


Whatever your own perspective, it is likely you will be making at least slight changes over the next few months. You may be returning to the office part time, or gradually building up, you may be doing more face-to-face meetings.


Our advice would be to take it slowly, ensure you plan time for exercise and socialising. Build in more time for what may be busy and stressful commutes.

If you are going back to work in an office after months at home, good luck. Post your thoughts about how it has gone below and join the discussion.

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