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The last 15-16 months have been tough in one way or another for most people. Whether it was stopping seeing friends, visiting clubs, singing in choirs watching live sport or working from home. The vast majority of us have made major changes in the last year or so and they may not have come easy. Changes rarely do.


The truth is, that had this pandemic hit in the 1950s, lockdowns of the nature we have just seen would have been practically impossible. There simply wasn’t jobs in existence that would have allowed so many people to work from home. Fast forward 7 decades and most people have now made the adjustment to not being in the office for at least some of the week.

How has been it for you and your families? Have you found a better balance? Have you missed the social contact physically being at work brings? Have you had tech troubles which have increased your stress?


Over the next few weeks, we are going to look at the possible return to work which has been encouraged this summer. We will look at what may become the new normal and think about how we can make another big transition more comfortable.


Send us your thoughts about the return to the office and discuss with colleagues and friends what it may mean for you.

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