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What is distance learning?

Distance learning in the UK is now over 40 years old and credited to the Open University who came up with the concept for people to study degrees via reading, TV broadcasts of tutorials, and now the most popular and effective method of over the internet.

Distance learning requires students to self motivate with self study methods and it appeals to those who may be working, or have families, to enable them to achieve a qualification whilst having a minimal impact on their lives. Most recently it is becoming even more popular as more and more students cannot afford the full time fees of education, especially University fees which are soaring into the tens of thousands of pounds and putting students in debt before they even get a job.

If you can motivate yourself to complete the tutorials, study resources, and assessments that you are set. It can be extremely rewarding and cost effective to study via the distance learning method.

We recommend students to plan the following in order to successfully achieve their qualifications:

Time management: Use a calender to plan out study time each week and stick to it! Avoid distractions and only search for website and information related to your course. Login regularly to check for emails from tutors about course information or resources.

Participation: Share ideas and help others by communicating on course forums. These are valuable methods to participate in course requirements as well as getting ideas about assignments. Be fair to share your thoughts if you are using others.

Learning environment: Create a distraction free place to study that works for you. If you share a computer then create a timetable so others know when you need it. Get comfortable, try to create a good position to work in. Take breaks if you need and stretch occasionally.

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