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Whilst we wouldn’t normally use Compare the Market as a source of information for our posts, we thought this was worth a share as we all know how addictive digital media and screens can be. But….do we really understand the implications and if it applies to us?

Understanding Screen Addiction and Responsible Digital Use

Have you been spending more time on your phone or laptop? The way we spend our time has been changing as a result of COVID-19. Whether it’s during a lockdown or as we adjust to new norms, it’s likely you’ve been spending more time on your devices.

The pandemic may have encouraged more screen-related bad habits, but the risks were always there. How does your time online make you feel? Are you able to switch off when you need to?

The time we spend in front of screens has a huge influence on our lives. Take control and ensure your digital devices have a positive impact on your life.

This guide offers:

  • Informative insights into increased screen use during COVID-19 – with phone usage up by about 30% from pre-pandemic levels.
  • Step-by-step advice on how to take control of your screen use by identifying triggers, scheduling screen time, and setting restrictions on your phone.
  • Useful information on digital detoxers and dieters: 7 in 10 people have tried to moderate their digital consumption in some way, with 37% deleting an app and 27% turning off notifications.

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