Online courses UK - Choosing the right online distance learning course

There are many companies now offering online courses, and it is important to choose the right one that suits your needs.

Here are our top tips for choosing the best online course.

Tip 1

Recognition: Check that the online qualifications you will gain are nationally recognised if you require an accredited qualification. Check the website to see what awarding organisations they are approved with, and check to see if they state you will gain a nationally recognised qualification. You can search for each awarding organisation on the Ofqual Regsiter website.

Tip 2

Background: The great thing about social media, is that it is easily accessible and quick to check the background of companies. Check on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to look at their company information, if they have had any bad reviews, and also who they are linked to. You can often find the owner of the company on LinkedIn by looking at the official company profile.

Tip 3

Resources: Check the website or contact them to find out what resources you will gain access to. Do they provide any books or a suggested reading list for you to source the books you need? Do they provide assessment materials and learning resources such as video tutorials? Will you be allocated a tutor/assessor for the duration of your course to submit your work to and ask questions if you have any?

Tip 4

Needs: What are your needs? Do you need to complete the course quickly? If so, ask about the average duration their students have taken to complete the course you wish to do. Do you need to complete it in your own time? If so, ask if the tutorials are accessible 24/7 or if they have allocated time slots. Do you need extra support due to learning needs? If so, ask how they can support you. Do you need to pay online? If so, ask if you can pay via BACS or PayPal as these are fast and efficient ways to pay.

Tip 5

Cost: Ask about discounts, promotions and compare the price of the same course with other providers. Check all the the above tips, and if it is cheaper, you have found a great deal! Online courses should be cheaper than face to face courses, so embrace the world of online learning and gain your qualification in your own time, at your own pace, for a great price.

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