Time to reflect as a business on COVID

Perhaps one of the most alarming aspects of the current situation we find ourselves in is the speed with which everything changed. Offices, schools, and shops were closed with a few days’ notice and almost everyone found their working week had changed beyond all recognition. We should give ourselves credit for the adaptability we have shown and the pace with which we have moved in order to keep businesses up and running. Perhaps as a lot of businesses are now returning slowly to more ‘normal’ working practices, commuting, sitting in the office, and meeting face to face, it is time to reflect on how far we have come and how well we coped. There will always be lessons to be learned and improvements we can make. Take the time today to write a list of all the ways your new working life has been successful. Do you feel more balanced, less rushed? Are you more productive? And what about the things that could be improved? Better and quicker technology, better access to technology for all colleagues? This will be a valuable exercise to repeat periodically over the coming months, enabling us to keep our improvements and develop the areas we believe could have been more effective.

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