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The rise of the machines


In our daily life, and certainly, work we are constantly using new and improved technology and machines. Recent research has found that when under threat we are more likely to listen to a robot. Research carried out by BI Norwegian Business School reveals that leaders who are in danger of losing their position are more likely to take advice from a data algorithm than another human.

An interesting phenomenon from which we can definitely learn leadership lessons. We can deduce from this that leaders in an insecure position feel stressed, so they become rigid in their thinking. They may feel that they will be perceived as incapable if they take advice from colleagues and are therefore more willing to accept advice from machines.  Machines are perhaps not seen as competition?
This could be a problem as better decisions are made by leaders who are more open to taking advice from others.

This research is from a relatively small pool, however, we, as leaders, should perhaps open ourselves up to taking advice more often and therefore expanding our pool of knowledge and skills.


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