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The new normal


What a whirlwind few months we have had for the second d quarter of 2020. How has it been for you? Perhaps after the initial anxiety and fear passed, you have found a way of adapting to the new rules and guidance. As we move into late summer it is a good time to evaluate how the lockdown has been for you. Have you been working from home? How have you found it? Have you found a new work-life balance that has benefitted you and your family? Are you looking forward to getting back to the office with a new relaxed frame of mind? Are you determined to keep the balance you have found into the new normal, or are you still searching? Technology has never been so important to employers and employees as in the last 6 months, whether you were zooming, or meeting on TEAMS, sending emails or talking over the phone, we can all appreciate how much easier our lives have been made by being online during the pandemic. Here at Footstep training, we saw the benefits of online learning when we started out back in 2013 and we have continually updated our site and our practices to stay one step ahead of the curve. If you have found yourselves with time on your hands-on furlough or are looking to retrain to improve your chances of securing a new job or promotion we are here to help you and support you every step of the way. Check out our website for the full range of our course and email to chat to us about your options. Check back here for our new blog every week.


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