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The Institute of leadership and Management recently held a conference where leaders shared their views on how technology is changing the world. Some snapshots are detailed below.


It is deemed that AI will have the biggest impact on the way we live and work in the future. It can take massive amounts of data, far more than humanly possible, and make more intelligent choices about how to use the data, based on our past behaviour. It is thought AI will not play a leadership role in organisations as people still want to be led by humans but AI will play a crucial role in informing leadership decisions.


Technology can even be widely used in organisations where a human centred approach is their USP.  It supports businesses to analyse large amounts of data to collate it and explore important questions such as is the workplace the same as it was, are team roles as important as they were? Different cultures can also be analysed on a global level and help businesses to compete in a global market.


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