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Studying can be hard with all the other distractions we have in our lives, but harder still when we are part time and holding down a job and family life too. The key to becoming more effective is to study smarter, not harder. The vast majority of successful students achieve their success through developing and applying good habits.

You could try these top tips if you are starting to study or looking to reboot your skills:


  • Don’t cram all your studying into one session, little and often can be more effective.
  • Plan when you’re going to study – and stick it!
  • Study at the same time – consistency is key.
  • Each study time should have a specific goal.
  • Never procrastinate your planned study session.
  • Start with the most difficult subject first.
  • Always review your notes before starting an assignment.
  • Make sure you are not distracted while you’re studying.
  • Use study groups effectively.
  • Review your notes when you have time.



If you are finding it hard to get motivated these tips may help to refresh your mindset and produce better quality results in your work.



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