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Sleep and Work


It is widely known that sleep is one of the most important and basic human needs. Even one missed a night of sleep can affect performance in work hugely. Lack of sleep could lead your employees to miss work, get stressed, take longer breaks and leave early, all of which contribute to poor levels of productivity and ultimately lost profitability. Research suggests that the kinds of behaviour which result from lack of sleep are costing British businesses billions of pounds every year. But should businesses be taking responsibility for this lack of sleep and is there anything to be done about it?


Research shows that colleagues who would say they had enough sleep at night were more able to resist selfish urges, such as those to go home early from work. Tiredness can also make it harder for colleagues to make a new start on a fresh day, it affects attitudes, behaviour, and emotion.


It is generally becoming accepted that businesses should perhaps take some responsibility for the sleep of their employees and although still rare, some silicon valley companies have installed nap-pods for colleagues to take breaks during the working day. There are also much simpler and cheaper solutions such as flexible working which can help colleagues who experience poor sleep.
Perhaps you could consider some possible solutions in your organisation?

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