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Media in teaching is often only associated with media studies, but it can be used successfully in all subjects!

Media relates to articles, videos, images, social media, the news, and the list goes on.

It is a great way of enhancing the learning experience by keeping your learners engaged and interested, and a short 3-5min video clip can help to confirm your aims for that lesson. Learners can often relate to the media being used as they are able to see it in context and then possibly relate it to different contexts.

Numerous examples could be used to demonstrate the successful use of media in lessons, but I have focussed on one which was tried and tested:

E-safety and Safeguarding:

This is a subject which is vital to teaching under 18 year olds (but is also important with adults), how to use the internet safely and protect themselves from, or how to report; fraud, abuse, bullying, and generally how to behave safely on the internet. Most learners find this subject area boring as it can be full of facts, figures and guidance, but if media is used in the lessons it can really highlight the message of e-safety and the dangers that can occur. I used to teach many e-safety lessons and combined a short talk to introduce the subject, with a fairly powerful video which shows a true story. I used this with 16-18 year olds and gained valuable feedback from them. They stated that without the video, the main message wouldn’t have been that successful. They were able to relate to the video due to the people used in it. After the video was shown I completed an activity with the learners based on what they had seen and learnt. Then discussed the correct answers. This shows that the use of media can have a major impact on the success of a lesson and enhance the experience for the learners, even if it is a short video.

The key thing to ensure before you start using any media in your lessons is to fully vet the resources first, to ensure it is suitable for your learners in terms of language, images etc.

Try introducing media in your lessons and see how your learners react to the use of different resources.

Media is a key part of the World, especially social media and the internet, so lets embrace it!

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