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Setting High Standards of Assessment

When you are studying for a course – be it an accredited online course or a classroom based course – it is likely that you have committed a great deal of time, money and above all, effort in order to attend the lectures and tutorials and complete any coursework or exams that have been set for you.  Our aim is to engage your interest and challenge you with the work that we set, so that when you have completed and successfully passed your course, you will leave as an extremely competent individual in your chosen sector.

At Footstep training, helping you to reach your highest potential in our courses is our primary aim, and in order to do this we have a very competitive and challenging recruitment process for our course tutors too!  As a small but successful business, it is our reputation as a high quality training provider that brings students to us to study everything from ‘Equality and Diversity’ to ‘Leadership and Management’ and ‘Education and Training’.  All of our tutors have been carefully hand-selected by our Management Team based on their wealth of knowledge across a variety of sectors, as well as their first-class proven ability as interesting, engaging and effective trainers!

Footstep Training’s dedication to providing high-quality online learning filters down through our exceptional training team and into our courses, where we strive to assist and encourage you in your chosen topics.  You will find that our standards of assessment are high, but only because we are confident that the combination of your hard work and our top quality teaching make that a realistic and achievable goal for you to work towards.

We want Footstep Training’s qualifications to be synonymous with the high quality that is so central to our brand ideal, so that when an Employer sees your Ofqual accredited qualification, they know that they have an extremely capable and dedicated individual sat in front of them.

So why settle for anything less than the best? We don’t! Challenge yourself with a Footstep Training course today:


We Don't Grow When Things are Easy.We Grow When We Face Challenges.

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