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Last week we looked at why employees might become disengaged with their work when they reach the top of their ‘learning curve’. This week we are thinking about how you, as leaders, could reengage employees to ensure they stay with you are remain productive.

Leaders and managers can work with their teams to work out where employees are on their learning curve. They then need to check whether the employee has a clear career path laid out for them with details of the support they will be given.  The employee needs to see a future where they are a valuable resource. If the employee cannot see either of these things then they are a clear risk for disruption. Too many companies lose quality employees because there is nowhere for them to jump when they reach the top of their ‘learning curve’. It may suit us as leaders to leave them in the job they are doing but if we cannot fulfill their need for growth we risk losing them.


Check out Whitney Johnson, author of ‘Build an A-Team’ for more information

growth part 2

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