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Reverse mentoring


Further to our blog last week about repackaging models of leadership there are certain traits that leaders should possess in any area of business and at any time.  Surely we all hope our leaders are empathetic, dynamic, creative, respectful and agile? But how do leaders check their progress against company standards and employee’s expectations? As leaders we know we should be collecting feedback and acting upon it to continually improve but sometimes this is easier said than done.  Technological advances and shifting demographic trends have led to an increase in ‘reverse mentoring’, this is where chief executives are mentored by junior members of staff. This approach is becoming more popular in blue-chip companies, including professional services firm, KPMG, software giant Microsoft and supermarket chain Tesco. Reverse mentoring has many benefits, including giving scope for junior employees to make their voices heard which has obvious benefits for recruitment and retention as well as staff well-being.  To ensure progression in this fast-changing business environment we must embrace change, could reverse mentoring be effective in your business?


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