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Keeping your options open – Latest blog post from Footstep Training There are many lessons we have learned from the ongoing pandemic and ensuing economic crisis, perhaps the most important and pertinent of these is flexibility. The watchword for 2020, and something we have all had to come to terms with over the last few … Continued

Reflecting with colleagues

Last week we talked about a personal reflection on how the last few months have worked for us as leaders. It must not be forgotten how adaptable our colleagues have been during this period and how valuable their contributions could be to moving forward. Seeking employees’ views about how they found remote working could be … Continued

Time to reflect

Perhaps one of the most alarming aspects of the current situation we find ourselves in is the speed with which everything changed. Offices, schools, and shops were closed with a few days’ notice and almost everyone found their working week had changed beyond all recognition. We should give ourselves credit for the adaptability we have … Continued

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