Zoom fatigue – It’s real

A recent study by the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL) identified four consequences of prolonged video chats using software such as zoom, and has labeled it as “zoom fatigue” These include: Excessive close-up, intense eye contact causes a hyper alert state – one solution is to minimise the zoom window to reduce the size of … Continued

Business and social media

More than 3 billion people around the world engage with social media daily. Just think about that number for a moment, 3 billion! Thanks to mobile devices and portable technology, the amount of time those 3 billion people are spending connecting and conversing is increasing continually. Depending on the demographic, people typically spend between two … Continued

Keeping calm under pressure

Keeping calm under pressure The one golden key to personal and professional success is self-control. The ability to react calmly under the most challenging of circumstances will give you an edge over everyone who cannot. But how? Breathe deeply – Take three, long, slow breaths. This will create time to think and physiologically calm you. … Continued

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