In search of growth

In search of growth   Leaders will not be surprised that employee disengagement is one of the most persistent problems to affect the modern workforce.  Employees who are disengaged become prime candidates for people turnover and more likely than not you will see these employees leave your office.  There are two reasons that they may … Continued

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Working from Home

Working from Home   Do these words strike joy or dread into your heart? Your perspective probably depends on what role you hold within your company. Flexible working is now offered in 94% of UK organisations.  This can encompass a whole range of scenarios from people who work from home on an ad hoc basis … Continued

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Leadership repackaged

Leadership repackaged   In these modern and changing times many new models of leadership are emerging. But are they just the same old thinking, repackaged for our digital age? We are definitely starting to embrace a more inclusive ideology of what a leader could look like. Many models have contributed to this shift over the … Continued

leadership repackaged

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