Business and social media

Business and social media   More than 3 billion people around the world engage with social media daily. Just think about that number for a moment, 3 billion! Thanks to mobile devices and portable technology, the amount of time those 3 billion people are spending connecting and conversing is increasing continually. Depending on the demographic, … Continued

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7 Leadership Skills

7 leadership skills   In our current times of huge change, businesses are rethinking expectations of leaders and their roles within our businesses. These seven leadership traits are critical for leading through disrupted and changing times.   Communication – The most critical attribute of them all. A leader must think of themselves of Chief Communications … Continued

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Leadership Lessons

Leadership lessons   What do leaders do well in highly engaged teams? A recent study has shed some insight into these important questions and there are lessons to be learned by all leaders from the findings.   The combination of the team leader’s attitude and behaviour is the key factor that influences the team and … Continued

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