Workings Mums – jobs

Working Mums – jobs Finding a job when you are a Mum can be really difficult, you want to balance your workingand family life and retain a work life balance that is positive for everyone. Flexible workingis surely the answer to this and, due to the COVID19 pandemic, we are seeing much moreflexible working. This … Continued

Working Mums

Lots of working women are also juggling children and families at home as well as domestic roles and responsibilities. Louisa Steensma, working mum has recently written a blog on how to be a ‘guilt-free’ working Mum. She has 7 top tips for making this work. Agree key outcomes with your boss and deliver on them … Continued

Women at work

Women at work   Last week we started to look at the roles and pressures of being a woman in the workplace. Over the coming weeks we are going to be supporting women at work by giving links, tips and support for women who are working. This week we are sharing sites and networks you … Continued

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