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The future of work

With the pandemic of 2020 hopefully soon to be a distant memory with the creation of several promising vaccines and treatments, is there anything you will remember fondly and will try to keep as part of your working or personal life.

Surely, one of our most important lessons is that the large-scale shift to remote working was effective and many people who may have thought they could not work without being physically in the office were actually as or more productive at home. So how do we hold on to the good whilst getting back to ‘normal’?

Turn temporary adjustments into long-term changes – leaders need to empower their workers to be able to work successfully, whether that means getting back into the office, staying at home or a mixture of the two.

Invest in good infrastructure – most workers have experienced the frustration of poor technology over the last year. Firms must take the opportunity to update their facilities to allow workers to work effectively from home if they wish.

Set boundaries between work and leisure – leaders need to be healthy examples so that every member of the team is empowered to stop and start work to achieve a work-life balance.

Drive progress – set new targets and goals that allow for working remotely and more effectively.

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