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Neurodiverse individuals with names we all recognise include Einstein, Newton, Darwin, Bieber, Branson and Phelps.  Although very different in many ways, all these famous names excel in a range of different sectors, and they show what can be achieved when their talents are harnessed and their diverse skills are nurtured. In business, these types of individuals could be lost if recruitment and retention approaches do not provide sufficient support for their less developed areas. It is also worth remembering that our duty as leaders and managers is outlined in legislation such as the Equality Act 2010 and we must ensure that individuals are supported appropriately, whatever their skill set.  We can do this in a number of ways:

  • Be proactive about starting a conversation to identify needs
  • Recognise everyone is different
  • Review recruitment and interview process
  • Realise you don’t need to be an expert and seek advice
  • Be prepared to work with your neurodiverse employee
  • Remember that communication is a two way street
  • Promote greater awareness of neurodiversity

You can find out more about neurodiversity by visiting and viewing the work of Professor Amanda Kirby, an internationally recognised expert in this field.

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