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Navigating Office Politics


Navigating tricky office politics can be one of the hardest parts of any job but there are ways to help cope with what can be a minefield.

Accept it – you can’t change the political culture where you work but you can build friendships, get to know people and argue for what you believe in.

Understand it – learn how the game works. Get to know the unwritten rules, which are different in every place of work.

Find the power – the real decision-makers are not always who we think they are or should be. Learn about the other players in the game!

Map the networks – Map the links and connections between people and ask yourself key questions, who influences whom? Who knows what’s going on?

Plan your campaigns – you need to anticipate objections and prepare a defense, think about your approach and plan times and places carefully.

Promote your wins – If you are not promoting yourself, nobody else will!

Grow your charisma – smile, stay confident, be calm in a crisis.

Keep it clean – never stoop to bullying or manipulation. It rarely works and always makes others feel bad.

Read ‘How to manage your time by Mike Clayton to find out more about office politics.

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