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- Visual Impairment2 - Hearing Impairment3 - Disability Affecting Mobility4 - Other Physical Disability5 - Asthma / Epilepsy / Diabetes6 - Emotional Behaviour Difficulties7 - Mental Illness8 - Temporary Disability after Illness9 - Profound Complex Disability90 - Multiple Disabilities97 - Other98 - No Learning Disability

Learning Disabilities
[1- Learner considers him/herself to have a learning difficulty/disability/health problem2-Learner does not consider him/herself to have a learning difficulty/disability/health problem9 - No information provided by learner "]

Special Needs- please request the full list if not shown below
NoYes"99 - No Disability""98 - Not Known/Not Provided""97 - Other""96 - Yes/Prefer Not to Say""01 - Hearing""02 - Learning""03 - Multiple""04 - Visual""05 - Mobility""06 - Physical"

Specific Learning Difficulty
1- Moderate""2 -Severe""10 - Dyslexia""11 -Dyscalculia""19 - Other specific learning difficulties""90 - Multiple learning disabilities""94 -Specific Language impairment""95 -Asperger’s / Autism" "96 - ADD / ADHD""97 - Other""98 - No learning difficulty" "99- Not known / information not provided"

Additional Learning Needs
11- Additional learning needs""12 -Additional social needs""13 - Additional learning and social needs""97 -Learner has been assessed on entry as having no additional social needs""98 - Learner awaiting assessment""99 - Not known / information not provided"


I agree to pay the full balance of my qualification and understand that I will not be issued my achieved certificate until all funds have cleared. I understand that I have 12 months (Level 3), 24 months (Level 4), and 36 months (Level 5) to complete my qualification. If I require additional time I understand it will incur additional costs at a rate stated by Footstep Training. I am aware there is no minimal time required to complete the qualification. I understand that excessive submissions of the same assignment may also incur additional costs. I am aware this is an online learning qualification and requires supplementary reading and study in addition to the tutorials provided. I confirm that by ticking the boxes in the table I have read, understood, and agree to the policies.


Initial assessment. Please provide as much written detail as possible to justify you are capable of completing your qualification.All questions must be completed to be accepted onto the course.

  1. What are your main reasons for starting/completing this qualification?
  2. What previous qualifications have you achieved that relate to, or will help you complete this course?
  3. Do you wish to use any achieved qualifications to claim RPL? (recognised prior learning) If so, please state which ones and provide us with a copy of your certificates.
  4. What previous and current experience do you have, related to the qualification that will help you complete this course? If you are looking to study at Level 5, please make reference to your ability to write assignments at this level which require citation and referencing.
  5. What is the highest level and qualification you have achieved in the subject of English? (Language or Literature)
  6. What is the highest level and qualification you have achieved in the subject of Mathematics?
  7. What is the highest level and qualification you have achieved in the subject of ICT/IT?
  8. Do you have any concerns or worries about any aspects of completing this qualification?
  9. How could we help to address the above worries/concerns?
  10. What activities (reading, studying, observing, participating in activities etc) have you completed in preparation of starting this qualification and how many hours (approximately) have you completed these activities for?


Please confirm, by ticking the boxes, that you have read, understood, and agree to comply with the following:

Equality and Diversity PolicyHealth and Safety PolicyAppeals Policy and ProcedurePlagiarism Policy and Referencing of sourcesAccess to Fair Assessment PolicyComplaints Policy and ProcedureTerms and conditions, and agreementLearner Privacy Notice agree for my data to be collected and stored

As soon as we receive your details and payment we will send you your login details to the online learning site. If you wish to provide feedback to us at any point please email

Upon successful completion of your qualification, you will be able to progress to other qualifications and will be offered a “returning student” discount on any of Footstep Training’s courses. To find out more about what qualification you can progress to please visit

Good luck!

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