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Leadership repackaged


In these modern and changing times many new models of leadership are emerging. But are they just the same old thinking, repackaged for our digital age? We are definitely starting to embrace a more inclusive ideology of what a leader could look like.

Many models have contributed to this shift over the last few decades:

Agile – an adaptive, flexible, resilient leadership style based on being able to respond quickly in changing situations.

Co-leadership – where two people, who ideally have different strengths and weaknesses, share responsibility.

Collaborative – where leadership takes place across functional and organisational boundaries.

Distributed – where leadership is distributed among a team.

Humble – treating others with respect, regardless of their position, role or title.

Inclusive – this is a people orientated approach that focuses on leaders challenging their own biases.

Rotating – where different members of a team adopt different leadership positions at different times.

Perhaps to be flexible, adaptable and effective leaders we should be arming ourselves with knowledge of a range of models and choosing the aspects which suit us most?

leadership repackaged

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