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For the vast majority of people, the position that we hold at work – whether we are self-employed or an employee – requires the daily completion of tasks that we are skilled at and have a great deal of experience of.  It is not often that we are required to carry out a new task that involves technical knowledge that is completely alien to us, or that we have the opportunity to try something new.


Although working and living within the comfort zone of our natural ability may seem to be a good thing, there is evidence to suggest that our minds may be suffering as a result of our in-built ‘fear of the unknown’ and ‘fear of failure’:


‘“It seems it is not enough just to get out and do something—it is important to get out and do something that is unfamiliar and mentally challenging, and that provides broad stimulation mentally and socially,” says psychological scientist and lead researcher Denise Park of the University of Texas at Dallas’ [1]


The University of Texas’s recent research into mentally stimulating activities suggests that occasionally taking the time to learn something new and challenging helps to keep your mind ‘sharp’ and ensure that memory and other high-level cognitive processes continue to function at an optimum level.


Participating in an activity like a challenging course doesn’t just benefit your mind – it can also benefit your career.  It is so easy to become comfortable and somewhat complacent about the job role that we are in, but changes in your employment can happen at any time and for a number of reasons; if you are suddenly required to compete with other applicants for a job (i.e. if you are going for a promotion at work, or wish to move to a different employer), what is it that makes your C.V. stand out and say ‘Employ Me!’?


Footstep Training ( offer a range of affordable and accessible online and distance learning courses that can help you to build on new and existing professional skills and be accredited for your achievements.  Whether you are in the Education and Training Sector, wish to build on your Leadership and Management Skills, or would like to complete a Risk Assessment or Equality and Diversity Course, Footstep Training can help!  Our courses are designed to challenge your existing knowledge and ability, and help you to demonstrate your skills and accomplishments with recognisable National Accreditations that could really help your C.V. stand out from the crowd.
So whether you are looking for a new career or are happy in your current position, invest in yourself, your mind and your future with the help of Footstep Training, and take a look at our website today to browse the range of courses that we have on offer.63321invest-in-yourself



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