The whole subject of knowing what level and what qualification you need to teach, can be a confusing subject. Here we attempt to simplify it for you.

Firstly, “In Service”, is often used to describe teaching qualifications that are completed as part of someones current job role. Therefore, they are completed whilst on the job and their experience and current practice is used as part of achievement.

In service teaching qualifications include: Level 3 Award in Education and Training (previously PTLLS), Level 3 Certificate in Education and Training (previously CTLLS) and Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (previously DTLLS).

Since September 2007 anyone with a teaching role in the Further Education sector is required to complete a level 3 teaching qualification within their first year of teaching. After which, they are required to achieve their Certificate and or Diploma within 5 years and can then apply for QTLS (Qualified Teacher, Learning and Skills)

Further Education includes qualifications delivered within Colleges, Work Based Learning, Adult Education and Community Education for post 16 learners.

But what level do I actually need?

If you want to become an Associate Teacher, who teaches from pre-prepared material, teaches limited levels of programmes in one curriculum area, and has limited responsibility for curriculum design, then you will need to achieve the Certificate.

If you want to become a Full Teacher, who teachers a range of levels and programmes and subjects, designs resources, evaluates resources and programmes, and has responsibility for learners throughout the whole learning process, then you will need to achieve the Diploma.

In either case the level 3 Award is the introductory qualification and if you do not start with the Certificate or Diploma as the initial qualification you will need to achieve the Award.

Ultimately the level and qualification depends on your level of responsibility you will have as a teacher.

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