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Leaders will not be surprised that employee disengagement is one of the most persistent problems to affect the modern workforce.  Employees who are disengaged become prime candidates for people turnover and more likely than not you will see these employees leave your office.  There are two reasons that they may leave, because they are dissatisfied or because they are asked to leave due to poor performance, however, the result is the same: high turnover, low morale and little or no innovation.

It is easy to dismiss this sense of disengagement as inevitable but it does not have to be, and as leaders, we should want more for our employees, as they are likely to want more for themselves.

Everyone is on a learning curve. At the low end, an employee is inexperienced, with each problem that is presented resulting in an intense challenge with high learning potential.  Once they gain confidence and experience, the employee reaches the middle of the curve, where they are highly motivated and productive. Unfortunately for leaders, this does not last forever and eventually the employee will achieve mastery of their work which could result in boredom and stagnation.  An individual either chooses to jump onto a new learning curve with new challenges (perhaps a new job) or they are forced to make that jump.  As leaders perhaps it is the most important part of our role that we look out for our employees reaching this part of their learning curve and supporting them to stay with us rather than jump.  Next week we will be looking at how this can be done.


Check out Whitney Johnson, author of ‘Build an A-Team’ for more information

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