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feedback sandwich technique

Giving feedback is a vital part in the learning process and especially important in relation to assessment.

A simple and effective method to use when giving feedback is to use the “feedback sandwich technique”.

The aim is to start with praise to give the learner some positive feedback on what they have done well, this will put them at ease, make them feel good, and allow them to be more receptive to the next part in the “sandwich”.

The next stage is to focus on areas of improvement and development points. Aim to keep these comments clear and well constructed so the learner can understand exactly what they need to focus on to improve.

The last stage in the process is to end on praise and positive feedback again, to ensure the learner stays motivated.

By using this simple method of giving feedback, it will ensure your learners understand exactly what they have done well, what they need to work on, and will keep them motivated towards their progress.

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