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With The Apprentice back on our screens, it often gets us thinking about our careers and work. The TV show is great entertainment but doesn’t really reflect the amazing apprenticeship opportunities available to people in different industries. But then again, it isn’t meant to.

Becoming an assessor is a fantastically rewarding career. On average full time assessors earn between £19k-£27k basic per annum, plus some organisations offer bonuses that can push your salary to over £30k!

So, how do I become an assessor? I hear you say. You simply need to gain your Level 3 Assessing qualification and be competent in the area you wish to assess. This can either be with qualifications or work related experience depending on the awarding organisations requirements. Generally assessors have both qualifications and experience in their area of expertise such as fitness, hairdressing, cleaning, engineering, mechanics…. the list goes on.

Once qualified as an assessor you can find jobs on feacareers, fejobs, nvqjobs, indeed, and many more websites. There are plenty of jobs available.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to your Level 3 Assessor qualification now and gain a rewarding career as an assessor. Click here to find out more about the course with Footstep Training. 


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