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Have fun!

As leaders, if you have happy employees your business is likely to be more successful and profitable. So how can we make sure our colleagues are happy? ILM carried out a case study on a large British company, Admiral insurance, who have their headquarters and other offices across Wales. Admiral’s philosophy is that “people who like what they do, do it better”. Leaders there go out of their way to ensure that going to work in those offices is enjoyable. They use several platforms to encourage employees to challenge current processes and suggest different ways of doing things. This ensures both staff and customer expectations are exceeded. Admiral also offers numerous channels for leadership development, an ‘admiral academy’ trains leaders of the future in areas such as performance management and stress awareness. They also make the most of all opportunities to celebrate success and occasions. Admiral continues to win awards in the industry and has been recognised for their great working conditions for staff. You can find out more about them at the institute of leadership and management.

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