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Life can be a busy old affair for many people who work – a continuous revolving door of commute, work, commute, household chores – there is not a huge amount of time for focusing on personal and professional development… or is there? Although not everyone can commit to traditional adult education ‘evening classes’ in a local college, there are more flexible options out there – like distance learning, or online studying.

If you don’t have to spend hours travelling to and from an educational centre and its physical library of resources, then it is amazing what you can do with the free time you do have! Fed up with the same old storylines on Eastenders and Coronation Street? Imagine what you could do with those empty two or three hours a week if you signed up for a job-specific online learning course. For example, if you work in Management or Leadership and are looking to move up the Managerial ladder, a few hours a week working through one of Footstep Training’s ILM Leadership and Management Courses could really help stand you in good stead when you want to apply for a promotion, or if a job opportunity suddenly opens up. We think it’s far better to see Professional Development as a continuous and ongoing process, rather than a mad rush to obtain new qualifications when the potential of a promotion or brand new role appears on the horizon! You think you don’t have the time now – imagine what life would be like if, alongside the commute-work-commute-chores ‘revolving door of life’ you suddenly have a week to try and obtain a qualification that helps you in the competitive job-promotion market! You’d be needing matchsticks for eyelids and a constant flow of strong coffee to deal with that!

If you are keen to increase your knowledge and understanding of the field that you work in, and have some time every week to dedicate to an online learning course, why not give it a go? It can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and really help to boost your confidence when it comes to furthering your career.

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