Embracing Technology in Lessons | | - | Footstep Training

In today’s Digital Age, where 1.55 billion of us are registered on Facebook and Google can provide instant answers to any question conceivable, it is hard to think of an aspect of our everyday lives that has remained untouched by technology. However, for those of us born outside of ‘Generation Y’ – those people born from the late 1970’s onwards, and for whom computers and the internet have been a central part of life from their earliest school years – it is easy to feel overwhelmed or unsure about technology. At Footstep training, our advice is not to worry! We don’t just incorporate technology into our learning just for the sake of it, but because it really can make your life and learning experience easier.

Unlike traditional, classroom-based learning environments, our approach and the resources we provide mean that you can access your course material from any internet enabled device, at any time of the day or night, and gain feedback and results promptly. We have embraced innovative resources such as virtual learning environments, interactive forms, and video tutorials to engage our students as much as possible. We have also given our learners the ability to submit all of their work online to make it a quick, simple and painless exercise and have introduced video technology for assessments, making our online learning a great platform for those who are unable to get to traditional assessment facilities because of work or family commitments, or reduced mobility.

You don’t need any fancy gear to start learning with us – just access to a computer with a camera and microphone. If you are unsure whether or not you have the technological know-how to complete a course with us, why not contact us at info@footstep-training.com? We’ve made every course as user-friendly as possible, but will be happy to reassure you if you are worried. Our courses are for everyone who wants to study for a professionally recognised qualification, no matter what age or technological ability, so don’t be put off – today could be the start of a new learning adventure for you!

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