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Keeping your options open - Latest blog post from Footstep Training

There are many lessons we have learned from the ongoing pandemic and ensuing economic crisis, perhaps the most important and pertinent of these is flexibility. The watchword for 2020, and something we have all had to come to terms with over the last few months, no matter how uncomfortable that makes us. With job losses at an all-time high and inevitably many more to come over the next year or so, allowing for a little flexibility in our career paths and jobs can surely only be a good thing. There are many entrepreneurs and business leaders who are advocating the ‘side hustle’ at the moment, that is, a business or venture apart from your full-time job, that you could flex to become more than a part-time venture should you need to. Inspirational business leaders such as Richard Fletcher, the founder of Magic Sauce Marketing has his own success story to tell after his side hustle pulled him through tough times. There has therefore never been a better time to upskill and gain qualifications, and what better way in the current climate than online.
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