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In today’s competitive job market, it isn’t enough to merely say you have experience of something when you want your CV to leap out of a pile of potential candidates and straight onto the payroll of a new company!  With so many people going for each job and every promotion, how can you demonstrate your legitimate skills, experience and proven ability in a particular sector in order to stand out from the crowd? We have found that one of the best ways to demonstrate competence is via nationally recognised qualifications in your chosen sector – qualifications that effectively highlight your proven knowledge, skills and experience in a particular field.


Footstep Training ( specialise in providing accredited qualifications online for those who want to study at their own pace and in their own time.  All of our courses use innovative resources such as virtual learning environments, interactive forms and video tutorials to help challenge and engage learners, and we are able to reward those whose dedication and perseverance help them to successfully complete a course with a nationally recognised qualification.


Receiving a certificate upon completion of a course doesn’t just demonstrate to you and your employer that you have one specific skill; Participating in a course, particularly an online or distance learning course, can also help to demonstrate additional skills and abilities to an employer – an idea clearly described by Coventry University College:


“Studying online (…) not only increases your knowledge but also your soft skills such as time management, IT fluency and perseverance. Studying online is a great way of displaying your ability to juggle multiple commitments and achieve. Susan Fontana, regional vice president of Manpower, states that employers can even favour online students because they have demonstrated these soft skills.”


Footstep Training offer a range of online and distance courses, from ‘Education and Training’ to ‘Leadership and Management Skills’, and from ‘Risk Assessment’ to ‘Equality and Diversity’ Courses.  So if you want to be recognised for your skills and achievements, why not enrol for a course with us today? All our qualifications are nationally recognised and approved by Ofqual, the regulatory body of all qualifications.


If you want your CV to stand out from the crowd (without having to resort to in-built pyrotechnics or pressure-sensitive electronics that shout the phrase ‘Hire Me! Hire Me!’ in the voice of one of the Muppets), why not consider studying with Footstep Training? We can help you demonstrate competence in your chosen field, so that you and your employer can both rest assured that a capable and experienced individual has been given the job: You.

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