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Dealing with Employee stress


Last week we covered employee stress and five signs you, as a leader, could use to check whether your employees were feeling stressed at work. Below you can find three simple steps you can take to combat stress in the workplace, a major factor in decreased productivity and high workforce sickness levels.

  • Ask employees how they’re feeling. Depending on the culture of the business you work in, it can be difficult to start personal dialogue, however, this is one of the best ways of combatting stress, you must first identify it. You could do this by implementing a stress and wellness survey sent at different points during the working schedule. You can then compare results and put things into place to minimise tress at peak times.
  • Implement a gratitude programme. Surveys have consistently shown that employees would stay in their jobs longer if their work was appreciated more.  A gratitude programme could be as simple as encouraging leaders to send ‘thank you’ emails regularly for stand-put performances.
  • Introduce mindfulness. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress so offering a mindfulness programme to employees could really start to effect employees happiness at work.



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