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What does leadership look like in 2019? Undoubtedly the picture of leadership we have now is vastly different to that of a leader 20 years ago. Our world now is fast moving, diverse and increasingly complex with the political landscape uncertain and volatile, it is hard to make predictions about the future, even in the short term.  Technological advances mean that leaders face multiple new challenges such as leading a team that is widely dispersed around the country or even further and augmenting a human team with a technological one.


This presents not only challenges but also opportunities, to think differently about leadership models and how to manage a business. What was successful in the past may not be now, but this leads us to question and think about how we can be great leaders in these changing times.  Although there is not one correct formula for leadership because leadership must happen within a context, we can take general ideas from the current climate and mold them to suit our own business and teams. Leaders today should be team focussed, understanding the strengths of others and the unique value each team member can bring.  The five dimensions of leadership as proposed by the Institute of Leadership and Management are as relevant as ever; achievement, authenticity, collaboration, ownership and vision.  Find out more about the vision of the Institute of Leadership and Management here:


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