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Celebrating middle managers


Too often in businesses and organisations, middle managers are being overlooked, perhaps we think they are overpaid, not innovative enough, not doing the ‘real’ work of leadership and driving progress or the more easily recognised work of more junior staff.


In truth, middle managers are invaluable in many successful businesses. They often have to take difficult and confusing directives from above whilst also being client-facing, and keeping the customer happy.  They will also be busy maintaining the morale of their teams and managing and resolving disputes that can occur in any organisation from time to time.


With cost-cutting in many businesses a current priority, it is often middle managers who are lost and seen as dispensable perhaps? In reality, the skills they possess and use daily in their roles are valuable and can be difficult to emulate.


If you work with successful middle managers who drive profit and great working relationships within your business, perhaps it is time to recognise their contribution as crucial.  Invest in their future with training and development to ensure

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