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Rediscovering your creativity

Children are innately hugely creative but by the teenage years, the education system has usually served to banish this streak by consistently telling children there is a right or wrong answer for everything. The world of work picks up where school leaves off and fear of being caught out getting something ‘wrong’ in business stifles … Continued


International Women’s Day

Happy international women’s day! We are very proud at Footstep Training to have a female Director who has contributed to supporting other women by enabling them to return to work around their children and the needs of their families. She is also a keen sports enthusiast, although doesn’t play sport competitively anymore. We thought it would … Continued

Diversity in our businesses

Recruiting and training diverse talent in your organisation is to be celebrated but there is also a need to retain these colleagues and develop them within your business. This will involve: Supporting them before they join your team (role models) Essentially, having a role model means looking to someone you feel is ‘like you’. As … Continued


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