Can I use PTLLS and/or CTLLS towards the new Education and Training qualifications?

As I am sure most of you are aware, PTLLS, CTLLS and DTLLS have been replaced with the new Award, Certificate and Diploma in Education and Training.

We often get asked:

“Can I use my PTLLS towards the new Certificate?” or Can I use my PTLLS and CTLLS towards the new Diploma?”

It used to be the fact that you could use the credits from these qualifications to claim RPL (recognised prior learning), to exempt you from certain units that existed across all qualifications, so essentially, the PTLLS units existed within CTLLS and DTLLS, so there was no need to repeat them. This is not the case anymore.

The new Award, Certificate and Diploma in Education and Training are stand alone qualifications, with different units. The aim of this is to improve the quality within the industry and to make them fit for purpose qualifications.

So essentially, you cannot claim RPL if you have achieved PTLLS and/or CTLLS to exempt you from any units in the new qualifications. However………if you can demonstrate prior knowledge with the achievement of these qualifications and your experience, you may be able to “fast track” to assessment, meaning you are exempt from some of the learning and can go straight to the assignments.

Our online learning courses are fantastic for allowing learners to progress at the rate they wish to, and enabling them to achieve these qualifications in the time period required.

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