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Business and social media


More than 3 billion people around the world engage with social media daily. Just think about that number for a moment, 3 billion! Thanks to mobile devices and portable technology, the amount of time those 3 billion people are spending connecting and conversing is increasing continually. Depending on the demographic, people typically spend between two and four hours a day on social media.  The potential of social media in business is therefore huge and businesses should be exploiting this to their advantage where possible. Customers and employees are now potential broadcasters, commentators, and influencers, and harnessing this potential could be profitable for all types of business.

Leaders need followers and there has never been a simpler and quicker way to increase numbers of ‘followers’ than engaging effectively with social media. If you are apprehensive about getting started in this area with your own business, consider these key tips to support you.

  • Listen – all good leaders listen in many ways. This is no different on social media. Listen to your followers and the trends in social media activity, this will steer you in the direction of growth in these channels.
  • One channel at a time – take it slowly at first and master one channel at a time, choose the right tools, and do one thing really well. The rest will follow.
  • Try to make it part of your life or at least your routine – updating your social media can easily become part of your life. It can be a short job which could fit well into your commuting time perhaps.
  • Engage the right support – there are many agencies who will support your social media journey and those with proven track records will be useful to engage in the early days to point you in the right direction.
  • Be authentic – your social activity must remain true to your voice. Leaders must engage with their customers and clients in their own voice, outsourcing ‘your voice’ on a long term basis is not advised.

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