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Saving the small business

Rishi Sunak believes there will inevitably scarring to our economy in the wake of COVID 19, and the hardest hit of these is likely to be the small and micro-businesses. Those without means or methods to keep them afloat during lockdown and beyond. Leaders and owners of these businesses face the greatest challenge of their working lives. To survive a clear set of leadership and management skills are needed to sail the business through troubled waters:

  • Balance a long-term view with day to day operational management.
  • Communicate clearly internally and externally
  • Motivate staff.
  • Spot opportunities.
  • Recognise and build on strengths and tackle limitations.
  • Adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Build trust and teams.

Currently, there are many obvious boundaries to running a successful small or micro business but countless are proving that with good leadership, it can be done.


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