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Best Boss Behaviours

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Following on from last week and the worst boss behaviours, perhaps now we should be turning out minds to what we can do to be great leaders. We can all agree that having good bosses, strong and positive role-models, managers and leaders in our working lives can make the world of difference to our feelings about the job and our careers. Unfortunately this is not always the case and the negative impact of a boss we cannot get along with can be really detrimental to all aspects of work. Perhaps the first step is to be the kind of boss we ourselves would like to work with.  These 5 behaviours can be easily encouraged and may make a difference to the working lives of colleagues at all levels.


  • See the whole person, they are never just employees. Accept and nurture your team for who they are as well as what they do at work.
  • Spot the trouble. Be smart enough to see trouble coming and save colleagues from inevitable falls.
  • Cerate opportunities. Fairly self-explanatory, give chances to all colleagues and nurture them.
  • Be the rock. You should be protecting your team from pressures and stresses that should only effect the leader.
  • Let them go. Part of nurturing your team is being wise enough to let them leave when their time comes.

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