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Jung and our personality blind spots

Jung and our personality blind spots   Last week we discussed how personality blind spots, parts of our characters that we are unaware of, can be detrimental to our business dealings and our leadership skills. There are two bodies of work that provide a great start for our self-analysis on this subject. The first is … Continued


From Specialist to Leader

From Specialist to Leader Have you dedicated your career to honing your skills in your chosen career to be rewarded with a leadership position you are not prepared for? You would not be alone in this as many others have found themselves in exactly the same position. You may be feeling anxious about this, but … Continued

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Sharing expertise

Sharing expertise There is no better way to prove your expertise and share it with others than to write a book.  It is said everyone has a novel in them, but most leaders have more than enough knowledge to share with others in the form of a non-fiction business book.  Below are some great tips … Continued

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