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Slow Down

Slow down   We live in a world where everything seems to happen at breakneck speed. It is perhaps seen as the key to success and achievement. The messages coming at us from every direction are that a fast life is a full life, that if we cram every second full of activity you will … Continued

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The rise of the machines

The rise of the machines   In our daily life, and certainly, work we are constantly using new and improved technology and machines. Recent research has found that when under threat we are more likely to listen to a robot. Research carried out by BI Norwegian Business School reveals that leaders who are in danger … Continued


A recipe for happiness

A recipe for happiness   Perhaps one of the most sensible resolutions for this new year and a new decade is to be happier. We are all no doubt in agreement that happiness is the ultimate goal but sometimes true happiness can be elusive, especially in this fast-paced world we find ourselves in.   The … Continued

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