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Are your employees stressed? Would you know the signs if your team members were unhappy and feeling stressed by work? Stress can be crippling for individuals and businesses, it can knock out our immune system and our loyalty.  Here are some simple ways to gauge the happiness levels in your team.

  • Is there laughter? Whilst not everyone wants to chat casually with the boss they usually do with each other. Team leaders should be looking to see if colleagues are eating lunch with each other, lingering in common spaces and laughing together in the office. This type of behaviour would imply a level of comfort in the workplace.
  • Is productivity falling? Happiness has been shown to directly affect productivity so if output is falling, leaders should question why.
  • Is the turnover rate increasing? This seems obvious but it is worth keeping an eye on alongside who is leaving and why.
  • Is attendance low? Again, maybe an obvious one but effective leaders track sickness rates in employees and act if they change.
  • What are people saying? Leaders must act on feedback even if it is uncomfortable to acknowledge.

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