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Do you have something important to say to your colleagues or customers in a business meeting, training session, webinar or email, but lack the creative inspiration required to turn your words into something eye-catching and memorable? It is now easier than ever to release your inner (and previously hidden) Graphic Designer.


Last week I wrote about the value of using free online infographic tools to create an impressive visual CV, and since then the online world of graphic design technology has opened up to me and I have discovered a whole host of other great tools that I wanted to share with you too.  Take Visme (, an online presentation and infographic tool that has a number of free templates available for use, as well as thousands of ‘premium’ templates that can be used if you sign up for a monthly account with them (costing approx. £6pcm for an individual account – where you can make up to 15 projects per month – and £12pcm for unlimited access).  Having taken a good look round at this graphic design tool, the thing that I enjoyed the most was their comprehensive section of ‘inspirational’ blogs that explain how different sample presentations and banners, etc., were put together.  After reading just a few of these I did feel slightly over-confident and momentarily consider a dramatic career change to become a terribly chic graphic artist, possible working out of an attic studio in Paris… thankfully, this daydream was short-lived, though I remained impressed with the infographic I was able to put together relatively quickly and easily.


I strongly recommend the value of using an infographic tool if you are involved in training or are leading a seminar or meeting.  Individuals retain information as a result of a wide variety of learning styles, from visual (these individuals prefer using pictures and images to learn) to verbal (these individuals prefer using words to learn, both through speech and writing) to kinaesthetic (these individuals prefer to learn in a physically active way).  From my experience, you are far more likely to receive a more positive response to your presentation if you try and engage with as many different learning styles as possible; so be visual, be active, be engaging, and your colleagues, customers and students will leave with a greater understanding and appreciation of what you have told them.


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