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Action planning for stakeholders in digital services – blog 2

Last week we looked at how recruiting managers and HR professionals could attract and retain digital leaders within their developing organisations.  This week we are thinking about how management and leadership developers can help in this endeavour.

In order to develop our future digital leaders, management and leadership developers need to:

  • Use experiential and work-based methods for leadership development so managers work on real problems alongside others from different organisations and disciplines.
  • Avoid sector-specific development programmes that do not promote people to work outside sector boundaries.
  • Use development methods such as coaching, mentoring and shadowing that expose managers to new ideas and encourage questioning and deep reflection.
  • Create ways to embed reflective learning from experiences.
  • Offer training on the potential, pitfalls and implications of digital technologies across the full range of service activities. They should help employees to understand the continuing importance of professional expertise and ethics.
  • Expose IT specialists to new ways of doing things in order to become digital leaders.

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