Meet the Team -Footstep Training

Laura Foot

Laura Foot - Director

Laura founded Footstep Training with the key aim to provide accessible, affordable, and quality online courses that are fully accredited. She has a strong background in education and business and is proud to have achieved her many accomplishments at a young age; this includes achievements within the industry as well as sporting accolades such as representing Great Britain. Her background consists of working as a tutor, assessor, internal quality assurer, head of quality, and external quality assurer, all within private and government-funded training which has given her great knowledge of the sector. Laura ensures quality is paramount to Footstep Training by being an active leader. She is ambitious in her personal and business life, including undergoing a Degree in Psychology in 2021 and strives to continuously improve. She puts the learners at the heart of the business and prides herself on the quality of support that the Footstep Training team provides.

Stephen Vale

Stephen Vale - Director

Stephen is the father of Laura Foot, and has extensive business experience which includes successfully owning and running his own organisations for over 30 years to date. Stephen provides business advice when required and applies his wealth of experience in the form of guidance.

Shanti Persaud

Shanti Persaud - Tutor, Assessor, IQA

Shanti has a wealth of experience within Education Management and has worked as a tutor, assessor, and IQA for numerous organisations which has given her fantastic knowledge and understanding of quality requirements. Shanti has known Laura Foot for many years and they have previously worked together, which allows for an extremely productive and effective working relationship. Shanti mainly manages internal quality assurance for Footstep Training.

Josie Rowe

Josie Rowe - Tutor, Assessor, IQA

Josie qualified as a primary school teacher in the early 2000s after completing her undergraduate degree in psychology. She enjoyed 8 happy years as a primary school teacher including leading teams across a large primary school for several years. She started working with Footstep training in 2017 after completing her CAVA, IQA, and EQA qualifications and enjoys working with adult learners to achieve their education qualifications. Josie prides herself in supporting her learners efficiently and has had lots of positive feedback from Footstep graduates she has supported through to completion.

Lucy Little

Lucy Little - Tutor, Assessor

Lucy’s background has been within early years education so has experience of teaching individuals at varying stages of development. She has excelled in transferring her skills to the vocational and adult education sector.  Lucy has known Laura Foot for 20 plus years which is one of the reasons she is now working for Footstep Training, as Laura likes to ensure that quality and trustworthy people are working with the learners. Lucy has worked extremely hard to support her learners and is now a successful tutor/assessor for Footstep Training.

Jackie Cobham

Jackie Cobham - Tutor/Assessor

A qualified teacher, decorated theatre professional and writer with a career spanning 20 years, Jackie has extensive experience within primary, secondary and adult education. As an educational and theatre professional who has taught nationally and internationally (Nordic Black Theatre drama school in Norway) in addition to working with top organisations such as: The Royal Shakespeare company, Daily Telegraph and Precious Lifestyle Magazine, Jackie’s professionalism and expertise is widely acknowledged in print and in such specialist areas as theatre, dance, arts journalism and teacher-training. Her wide-ranging knowledge. skills and approach to teaching allow her to explore the infinite possibilities within Education, training and assessing in creative and innovative ways.

Dawn Ridehalgh

Dawn Ridehalgh - Tutor, Assessor, IQA

Dawn is a highly experienced manager, consultant, IQA, and trainer with a specialism in qualification development, assessment, and quality assurance. I have worked closely with other strong senior leaders across all sectors within education and training. I have been through several Ofsted inspections, ESFA compliance audits, and delivered against strategic plans.

For Dawn, nothing is more important to me than building a great team; I lead by example and endeavour to ensure that all team members can reach their full potential. I enjoy a challenge and working with the team for an overall positive response. I have a strong ability to respond to people and situations. I am open to new ideas and will work with individuals to ensure an end result.

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