Personality clashes at work

As a leader, much of your time is consumed managing people, which inevitably means managing personality clashes between team members. If left to fester these issues can be extremely disruptive to working life and profitability and small spats can easily turn into huge issues, including work-related stress and major disputes.  As a leader what is … Continued

Business and social media tips

More than 3 billion people around the world engage with social media daily. Just think about that number for a moment, 3 billion! Thanks to mobile devices and portable technology, the amount of time those 3 billion people are spending connecting and conversing is increasing continually. Depending on the demographic, people typically spend between two … Continued

Women at work

Throughout school and university, females outperform males in almost every area of academia.  When they start their careers they earn the same salaries as male counterparts, yet few women make it past middle management to the most senior roles within businesses. In order to redress this balance, we must start asking tough questions about our … Continued

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