Sharing expertise

Sharing expertise There is no better way to prove your expertise and share it with others than to write a book.  It is said everyone has a novel in them, but most leaders have more than enough knowledge to share with others in the form of a non-fiction business book.  Below are some great tips … Continued

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The rules of rapport

The rules of rapport   It goes without saying that getting on with colleagues and employees makes for a smoother working day and therefore a more successful business.  We usually have positive intentions about our communication and interactions with others but it is undeniable that they can have a negative impact on others at times. … Continued

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Staying safe online

Staying safe online In this tech-savvy age, we need to be more aware and mindful of online risks for ourselves as teachers and for our students. Your students will be more technologically advanced than we will ever be, they have been born into this digital age we are merely finding our way in it. For … Continued

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