Back to School – what can you do?

Back to school   As leaders and managers, we often lead in known, familiar, and comfortable environments. We know the people we work with, the culture of our organisation, the systems and processes. We generally make good decisions because we lead and manage in context. It is often a good idea to put ourselves out … Continued

Sponsorship – a two-way street

Sponsorship – a two-way street   Sponsorship is a professional relationship in which an established or rising leader identifies an outstanding junior talent and develops that person’s career and reaps significant benefits for these efforts. Sponsorship is a two-way street. The sponsor invests belief and willingness to take a risk, advocacy, and cover. A protégé … Continued

New year resolution  

New year resolution   We have all probably made new years’ resolutions in the past and not stuck to them. What do you promise yourself? To lose weight, to eat healthier, get more exercise? When do you usually fail? February, Easter, sooner? What about promising yourself something different this year? Footstep Training offers a range … Continued

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