Providing vision – New blog post

The post-pandemic world will require different traits in its’ leaders. More than ever leaders will need to be flexible, communicative, and above all provide vision when the horizon is hazy, to say the least. Leaders will need to instill safety in vulnerability, which means weathering the storm and leading yourself and your people out of … Continued

The old ones are the best

The old ones are the best   Leaders today are dealing with unprecedented times and situations with the onset of the global pandemic. During these times of stress and confusion, leaders can maintain the 6 core truths to remain approachable and successful. Be Humble – have the humility to learn and grow. Be present – … Continued

Have Fun!

Have fun! As leaders, if you have happy employees your business is likely to be more successful and profitable. So how can we make sure our colleagues are happy? ILM carried out a case study on a large British company, Admiral insurance, who have their headquarters and other offices across Wales. Admiral’s philosophy is that … Continued

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