Minimum core skills – Maths Resource

Minimum core skills It is a sad truth that many of our learners come to us from secondary education lacking the essential core skills to enter employment or further education. Often, the poorest area is mathematics. Mental recall of mathematical facts helps enormously in all areas of everyday life and we should be encouraging children … Continued

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7 Key Leadership Skills

7 Key Leadership Skills In our current times of huge change, businesses are rethinking expectations of leaders and their roles within our businesses. These seven leadership traits are critical for leading through disrupted and changing times.   Communication – The most critical attribute of them all. A leader must think of themselves of Chief Communications … Continued

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The Busy Season- How to cope

The Busy Season   There are times in life when you may feel it necessary to put your work life balance on hold and work through weekends and evenings to achieve your goals. At this point in your working life, being told to ‘take it easy’ and ‘make sure you get enough sleep’ is not … Continued


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